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Casa Graziano - Tizzano Val Parma (PR)

  • Casa Graziano - Tizzano Val Parma (PR)

Casa Graziano, surname and name of the founder, is a family company, affiliated to Consortium of Parma Ham since 1976.

The company is located in Tizzano Val Parma, a small village  at 700 meters hight on Appennino Tosco Emiliano, Reserve of Unesco, at the gate of the Natural Park of 100 lakes".

A natural environment perfect to mature Parma hams according to the tradition of opening windows to create a suitable oxygenation and a particular microclimate that make the hams perfectly seasoned and fragrant. In the early 70s Graziano, together with his wife Luisa began his dream: a small ham factory, just he and his young wife working hard to get things done.

Later on their sons Simone and Andrea took over the management of the new factory, with a blend of tradition and innovation, carefully controlling every step of the process with the best technologies available, but still trusting men expertise: the skilled hand guiding the knife, the careful eye of the master salter, noses turned up to sniff the right level of ageing, a cheek cooled by the breeze that tells them to go down to the cellar and open all the windows.

The top of the range of Graziano is a Parma ham matured 30 months.