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Macelleria Savigni - Pavana Pistolese (PT)

  • Macelleria Savigni - Pavana Pistolese (PT)

There is a small village in the Tuscan-Emilian, where everyone knows Savigni. Pavana Pistoiese is located in the woods, in an enchanted valley where nature takes its course and regular seasons still feel whole. In this valley, 400 meters high, Savigni have chosen to raise their own animals.

Every day, Fausto, the father, together with Nicolò and Mileto, renewed a difficult choice: the High Quality choice. Yes, with a capital letter, as they write them. Savigni chose to keep the cattle , which produce their own sausages.

Only indigenous breeds, reared according to strict organic criteria. They have their own lab, That are monitored 24 hours on 24, for meat's processing, drying and curing. They make everything by hand: cut, knead, salted, putting pepper and spices, bag and tie.

For salting, they chose the "Salfiore di Cervia". Straight from the sea, it is washed with brine; it maintains its natural moisture and the sea preserves all the trace elements. It is a sweet salt, that goes well with pork.               

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