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  • parmigiano reggiano gennari

    For us it started here! Over the years we have visited many cheese producers to learn about their process and passion for cheese.  We have met some of the animals that produce the milk, discovered where they live, what they are fed on and how carefully they are nurtured. We have witnessed first-hand, the producer’s processes and visited some of the most amazing cheese rooms in Italy.  We love meeting people who are as passionate about their product as we are about gastronomy, thus begins a new and exciting collaboration between us and the producer.  We currently have around 200 of what we believe are the most amazing cheeses on the market.  Take a look.

  • prosciutto di parma casa graziano

    It is extremely important to us that we know where our charcuterie comes from and how it is produced, ensuring that animal welfare is of a very high standard.   We choose products and producers that respect the environment, people and health.  We meet with our producers and their families to discuss our shared passion of gastronomy.  We love the huge amount of pride and enthusiasm they show whilst showing us around their farms, introducing us to their herds and talking about their processes.
    You will find around 100 speciality charcuteries on our website, just here.

  • pecorino fiore sardo

    Our larder is packed with everything you will need to enhance your dishes.  You will find some real specialities.  From top quality flour for bread and pizza to Artichokes in Olive Oil, Vintage Balsamic Vinegar to Trout Bottarga.