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Mortadella Classica small

Mortadella Classica small

Mortadella Bonfatti is the result of years of experience and great passion. Mortadella Bonfatti originated in Bonfatti salami factory in 1984, and today they are the last producers of the Classic Bologna Mortadella.

Mortadella Bonfatti ows its uniqueness to the particular artisan production method and to the finest quality raw materials: made exclusively from finely ground pork and small cubes of pork fat. It is cased in natural pig bladder and cooked in brick stoves, then is hand-tied as the tradition dictates.

This process renders the Mortadella light and digestible, and less overbearing than the other Mortadellas but more complex, with a typical taste of sweet meat.

There are many delicious ways of enjoying Mortadella, cut in slices by hand or cut in cubes, also exceptional in sandwiches...

Product Type
Emilia Romagna
600g approx
Minimum order
1 piece