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Nicoletta - Donnas (AO)

  • Nicoletta - Donnas (AO)

Nicoletta is a family company that was founded in 1988, specializing in the selection and affinage of typical cheeses of the Aosta Valley.  It is located in Donnas (Ao) a small, ancient medieval village in the middle of the mountains, in the lowest part of Aosta region.

The Aosta Valley with its climate, the vitamin-rich milk, the protein content, the natural aromas, the mountain flowers, is the ideal place to produce fantastic cheeses.

Additionally to all that, the 25 years experience of Nicoletta family, is enough to transform each cheese to a unique piece of art. "Working with many small dairies means that each cheese requires specific attentions: each batch of production requires a specific care, how to salt it, how to wash it, when to turn it. This is the art of maturing cheeses" - told us Paolo.

Among the specialties matured by Nicoletta we are going to taste the Fontina Dop cheese, the most famous dairy product of Aosta Valley, comparing the winter and the summer production.

And we are proud to present also Toma of Gressoney, a rare cheese produced only by five small dairies, part of the "Ark of Taste" Slow Food project.               

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