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Caseificio D&D - Calitri (AV)

  • Caseificio D&D - Calitri (AV)

Di Cecca dairy is located in Campania, more precisely in Irpinia, very close to Basilicata, in the town of Calitri that is located at an altitude of 700 meters above the sea. Since June 2001 the company has started producing cheese with its own milk, using it mainly unpasteurised: the dairy is managed by the family Di Cecca with the aim of promoting the local products. The dairymakers are two brothers in law, Giovanni Di Roma e Luigi Di Cecca. "We collect the milk everyday from local farmers and everyday we produce our cheeses" - Giovanni told us. The "caciocavallo" is produced with raw milk, taking in strong consideration the traditions that South of Italy had developed during the years for that type of cheeses. The affinage is something very particular, the touch that transforms a good cheese in a unique cheese. It takes place in millenials natural caves, made by stone and tuff, all around and under the town of Calitri. Thanks to the expertise that Giovanni and Luigi developed in long years of activity, many awards have been assigned to their creations, the last one in April at the Italian cheese Awards 2016.