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Capitelli - Borgonovo Val Tidone (PC)

  • Capitelli - Borgonovo Val Tidone (PC)

When the food industry was not yet interested in ham steak production, in the area near to Padua the making tradition of pork thighs to make "cooked thighs".

The making was completely different from today: fresh meat was boned, but preserving the natural shape, and then soaking it in a salt solution for days, finally it was enveloped in a rough canvas,  it was tied and cooked in a container with hot water.

When the industrial production began, this making was leaved as long as, in 1995, Claudio Capitelli with his son, Angelo, decided to return to a classic method to produce "cooked thights", "San Giovanni".

The obsession for the good food and the constant activity of research and the develop are pillars where the company is found.                

  • No Preservatives