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Caseificio Gennari

  • Caseificio Gennari

The history of Dairy Farm Gennari began in 1953 when Sergio and Maria discovered a dairy in Collecchio (PR).

There were 3 forms per day, up to 12 shapes in 1974 in the new headquarters, enlarged and restructured in 1991.

Today in the Caseificio are also the sons of Sergio and Maria, with a daily production of 40 shapes and a warehouse of 35,000 forms. 60% of the milk processed in the dairy farm comes from about 1000 bovine animals owned, the rest from breeders loyal to 50 years of collaboration.

There are no secrets in production besides the commitment, the will to not take shortcuts and the safety of a complete chain from the field to the finished product. The work is done today, as Dad Sergio wanted, a bit greasy, thought for long maturing, with a really traditional technique.