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Salumificio Grossetti - Strà di Nibbiano (PC)

  • Salumificio Grossetti  - Strà di Nibbiano (PC) - Emilia Romagna

Salumificio Grossetti is a family company whose history started in the XVII century in Pianello, a small peasant village on the hills in Valtidone valley, between Pavia and Piacenza.

The Grossetti family used to run a delicatessen shop and to produce in winter the typical charcuterie from pigs bred by local farmers.

Thanks to the quality of the fat and the experience of its people, this company that has been producing charcuterie in a traditional way for almost two centuries.

This tradition, handed down from generation to generation is preserved today by Antonio and his family, with a passion and an enthusiasm that conquered us.               

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