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Paganoni - Chiuro (SO)

  • Paganoni - Chiuro (SO)

Paganoni was born in the late '80s thanks to Paride Paganoni who bought a small butcher shop in Caiolo, in the province of Sondrio. Its speciality was the production of cured meats typical of the Valtellina area. The success of the bresaola and the foundation of the Consortium for the protection of the Bresaola della Valtellina IGP in 2001, established a turning point that leaded the company to enlarge and move to its current factory in Chiuro, becoming a point of reference for professionals of food sector.

Nicola Paganoni told us that the most important thing, in the production of bresaola, is the quality of the raw material: Paganoni in fact, since 2006, processes mainly fresh meat from Blonde Acquitaine or Garronese cattle, bred in France in a semi-wild state and having important dimensions. The processing takes place without haste, respecting the times of the product and the ancient recipes.               

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