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Caseificio Rabbia - Ruffia (CN)

  • Caseificio Rabbia - Ruffia (CN)

The "Caseificio Rabbia" is an artisan dairy, that was established between 1860 and 1865 by Rabbia Toni.

Today this family's activity is arrived at fifth generation and it is managed by Pietro Rabbia with Sandra, his wife. The dairy produces piedmontese cheeses for over a century: four DOP cheeses from level ground near Cuneo, e.g. the Raschera cheese, and a series of toma cheese, like the Sola.

The Robbia family only works crude milk, about 80 quintals of milk per day. The milk comes from four cowsheds, that are situated at 2-3 km far from dairy, three of them work with Rabbia family for over 30 years.

Today the making follows the traditional method. The milk is heated into boilers with a double copper bottom, like in the past. The curd is hardened and distributed over the counter, where the proceed begin using linen canvases, that permit a better cheese pressing.

Cheeses are put in a salt solution than dry-salt, this process is used for all cheeses except Raschera cheese that is directly dry-salt.                

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