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Karl Bernardi - Brunico (BZ)

  • Karl Bernardi - Brunico (BZ)

Everything started when Karl Oberhofer founded his butchery in the "Spitalgasse", in Brunico. For the company's motto just one word was chosen: "quality".

Today, quality still remains the pillar of the company. Towards the end of the Second World War, the nephew of Karl Obenhofer, Paul Bernardi, took over the reins of the company. He then bought the old house Hochgruber, in the center of Brunico, where since 1962 the retail store is located. But it is with Karl Bernardi, the son of Paul, and his passion for the typical South Tyrolean products that the company became as it is today.

We have been working with Karl for over twenty years, and we would like to say that some of its products, such as speck - that today we are going to taste in the cooked version too - are among the best in South Tyrol.

The mix of fresh herbs, salt and spices used to season the hams it's a recipe handed down from one generation to another and jealously safeguarded. The combination of traditional craftmanship, innovative techniques, attention during the selection of row materials and the unique climate of the Pusteria, really makes those products unique.