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Casa Cason - San Pietro in Gù (PD)

  • Casa Cason - San Pietro in Gù (PD)

Casa Cason is a small company in the province of Padova; with its products it tells the passion  of a family that since 1957 is dedicated to the production of cured meats. The story of Casa Cason has begun thanks to the passion of grandfather Giacomo, who  was devoting himself to Norcina art in the late 1950s.

Today, the company sees the whole family, coming to the third generation, engaged in the various phases of the chain, really short and controlled. The "Norcino" of Casa Cason, in dialect "massoin", is Paolo, nephew of grandfather Giacomo, who deals with all the phases of production, from the choice of cuts to the maturing, keeping the recipes and the taste of a time.

All the salami produced by Casa Cason are without additives and preservatives: the ingredients Paolo uses in meat processing are just pepper and salt, implying the use of a raw material of excellence.

Casa Cason also deals directly with the breeding, handling all the phases of animal life with extreme care. Because you know, only "happy" pigs can provide quality meat.