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Caseificio Achille - Velo Veronese (VR)

  • Caseificio Achille - Velo Veronese (VR)

The story of Dairy Achille dates back to the 20 when the great-grandfather Domenico Dalla Valentina with his son Achille began to produce cheeses in the hut of Contrada di Velo, using the milk collected from different shepherds. The Dairy  Achille was founded only in 1957 by Achille with his two sons, Franco and Ezio. Dairy Achille is located in the magic frame of Monti Lessini, the mountains around Verona, particularly suited to pasturing cows, with gentle grassy slopes. Pastures of Lessinia are very rich, with more than 130 different species of spontaneous herbs and flowers. A richness that, through the milk, can be found also in the cheese.               

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