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La Fattoria di Enrico Cattuzzo - Vedelago (TV)

  • La Fattoria di Enrico Cattuzzo - Vedelago (TV)

For forty years, Henry made the cheese in a dairy, but always fond of mountains and pastures, he went during the summer in the mountain pastures to learn the art of Morlacco's production. Make cheese pressing buttons was not appropriate for him, so he decided to buy a few cows and produce cheese on his farm. Thus was born the Morlac La Rocca: faithful to the traditions and techniques learned in the hut, but with the guarantees of a modern working at the dairy. What we like about Henry is his passion, his desire to experiment and its consistency. Today, to its cheeses chose to use the milk of a barn close to the dairy farm, where the cows are raised freely and fed housing with hay obtained by stable area lawns, corn grain and GMO free soya produced in the company. Also, being present in the animal diet also linseed, milk has the characteristic of containing Omega 3. Even to make the goat cheese Henry selected the milk produced by a near herd, which it uses to the supply only company's natural products. That's why we are encouraging Henry in this challenging adventure, in which he launched with the usual enthusiasm.