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Latteria Moro Sergio - Oderzo (TV)

  • Latteria Moro Sergio - Oderzo (TV)

The story of Latteria Moro began in 1930 in Oderzo, when Luigi Moro, Sergio's grandfather, started to collect milk from the stables of the area to sell it to the families of the village.

After the First World War, the business focused on cheese production and Luigi opened a dairy and a small shop in the center of Oderzo. At the beginning of the 80's the current owner Sergio Moro, decided to rediscover the traditional local techniques of cheese maturing and affinage, used by farmers and shepherds to conserve, mature and season cheeses.

Thanks to his research commitment, today Latteria Moro is an affineur of local cheeses. Sergio, respecting the cheeses, adds flavouring ingredients over the rind, as for example marc, hay, ash or herbs, or in the paste, like truffle or saffron in order to give particular aromas and a distinctive personality to each cheese. The traditions rediscovered by Sergio give us the possibility to taste cheeses with flavours, smells and colors that went lost over the years.