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Malga Verde - Conco (VI)

  • Malga Verde - Conco (VI)

Maurizio and Cristiano Cortese run Malga Verde since 2003, that is surrounded by the Asiago Plateau greenery at 1100 meters in altitude.

The two brothers were able to transform it into a company quite important the small farm once run by his father, as the numerous awards received in the last 10 years. In June 2006 joined the Consortium for the Asiago cheese protection and they began producing the Asiago DOP · it is a mountain product, an Asiago produced and ripened over 600 meters above sea level.

The Asiago Stravecchio DOP make by Cortese family was ranked in first place in two important competitions about raw milk cheeses held on the Asiago Plateau. The Green Hut cheese was ranked in first place in one of the two competitions.

The achievements are the result of the passion and the constant desire to improve the Cortese brothers, who were able to test their skills and adding to the farmers' long experience, a positive new experience in the processing of their milk and cheese in the sale of genuine and best quality.               

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